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Famous Guest Arrives at our Williamsburg B & B

Waldorf-Astoria chef is latest famous guest to stay at our inn

You never know who might be staying in the room next to you while you are at The Williamsburg Sampler Inn. Established in 1988, and family owned ever since, over the years our inn has seen its share of writers, musicians, athletes, world travelers, personalities and folks from just about every walk of life. And even if you don't recognize your neighbors when you stay with us, ask them how they are doing. We all have stories to share and what you learn can amaze you.

In fact, we just had a great guest that you may not recognize him by the way he looks, but you surely know about where he used to work and how important and interesting his position within the company must have be. Chef Arno Schmidt stayed with us in the Spring of 2011 (this was a return trip for him, as he stayed with us in 2007 as well). He is a retired chef of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, and author of some famous cookbooks. He has cooked food to many, many famous and infamous patrons, from politicians to movie stars. And a few lucky guests were fortunate enough to share the Skip Lunch® Breakfast with him a few mornings in a row.

The guests were mesmerized by the stories he told about his life and travels. He has been around the world, seen so many great things and tasted so many delicious foods - the prefect storyteller for guests sitting around a table while on vacation in Williamsburg. As each guests checked out they all thanked me for a terrific stay and asked when the next time Chef Arno would be staying with us.

If you are traveling to Williamsburg, don't miss the opportunity to possibly befriend and dine with some very interesting or famous people like Chef Arno. There's no other experience like a bed and breakfast. Reserve your stay now to be sure you don't miss the next special guests. And feel free to call us at (757) 253-0398 with any questions.

"Enter as strangers, leave as friends."