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Enjoy Williamsburg on a Budget

Williamsburg, Virginia is ideal for the budget conscience traveler

We understand that the economy is tough, and you may think that you can't vacation the way you would like. To make the most of your next vacation, The Williamsburg Sampler offers the below great tips and hints for a trip to Williamsburg. You will find that a vacation to this region of Virginia can be extremely fun, not to mention affordable.

Let's start with everybody's favorite word: Free. Below are some great things that Williamsburg has to offer that cost nothing.

  • Visit any of the beaches, Yorktown beach, Virginia Beach, Buckroe Beach, Huntington Beach - all are free and within an hours drive.
  • Walk around Colonial Williamsburg. It's great exercise and an alternative for those interested in the ambiance of Williamsburg but not necessarily the specifics.
  • Shopping at the Prime Outlets - there is no admission cost however purchases are an entirely different story.
  • Visit the numerous parks and nature trails in the area, pack a picnic for lunch and enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Farmers Market in the Spring and Summer.
  • Visit the Williamsburg Community pool.
  • Play frisbee in the William and Mary Sunken Gardens.

And of course you have to eat while on vacation. You could always head out to the market and buy groceries direct to prepare for yourself (if your accommodations allow, of course). But there are also a great number of quality restaurants that offer great tasting food options at a reasonable price. Some of the more popular include the Wasabi - Oriental Buffet, Red City Buffet and Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant.

And there are always events going on in Williamsburg, whether it's a game going on at William & Mary or a celebration of the town's heritage. Before you come to town, check out the upcoming calendar of events and see what fits both your schedule and budget.

In the end, most visitors to Williamsburg find that the most expensive things to do are the theme parks. Although they cost a bit more money than the above options, they certainly offer a ton of fun to go along with the memories. If you still have questions regarding a budget friendly trip to Williamsburg, contact The Williamsburg Sampler and let us know how we can help.