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Fishing in Virginia

Enjoy fishing in the waters throughout Virginia

When you think Virginia, do you think trout fishing? Deep sea fishing? Casting a line at the beach? If you have fished the lakes, rivers, streams or even the ocean within the Virginia borders, than you probably do. And if you haven't, what's holding you back?

Vacationing in Virginia, and particularly the Williamsburg region, is more than history, food and hiking. There truly is something for everyone, and that includes those who enjoy fishing. Over 7% of the area is covered with water, and this doesn't even include the ocean of the eastern coast.

From fly fishing to deep sea fishing, from Chesapeake Bay to the rivers in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can experience almost every type of fishing there is. And since it is all within Virginia's borders, there's no reason not to plan a variety of outings on one trip.

As you make your reservations at The Williamsburg Sampler, ask about the fishing areas and guides that we recommend. We'll be happy to help plan your vacation. Call us at 1-800-722-1169 or send us an email to learn more.