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Romantic Williamsburg VA B&B

Enjoy intimate time together at
The Williamsburg Sampler Bed & Breakfast Inn

If Virginia is for lovers, then Williamsburg is the town for romance. And the Williamsburg Sampler Bed & Breakfast Inn offers the perfect accommodations for your romantic getaway.

There is plenty that awaits you in romance category when you arrive in Williamsburg. 5 Star restaurants, secluded walking trails and much more. As you plan your reservation take a look at what a day of romance might look like with your significant other.

The aroma of coffee and tea awake you, giving you a head's up that you will soon need to be dressed and head down to the dining room to enjoy the incomparable Skip Lunch® Breakfast. After some delicious food and friendly conversation, it's time to walk over to the on site professional gym for a quick workout, and of course spend some time in the sauna to relax a plan the rest of your day together. It will begin with a trip to the Waller Mill Park Trails enjoy the outdoors together.

After a nice long walk, you head back to our Williamsburg B&B, clean up and go out for a few hours of shopping. There are numerous outlet stores for great deals on the latest fashions. Inside local craft stores you can buy candles, pottery and pewter to have something to always remind you of your romantic getaway in Williamsburg. And there's also book, music and homemade food shops that you can pick up the small items you need to help enjoy your vacation.

Once your arms start feeling tired from the weight of the bags, pass by the B&B to drop them off and change into a nice outfit so you're ready for a romantic dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants in town. If you need a tip on where to eat, just ask. We know Williamsburg, and can guide you on where to go depending on you preferences. There's everything from restaurants with extensive wine lists and candlelight to establishments with a little more rambunctious atmosphere. Whichever your preference, we're sure you'll have a great time.

And once the candles have melted down and the dessert has been shared, head back to your suite for one last glass of wine. You'll be relaxed as you share your stories of the great day and of all the adventures that await you tomorrow.